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VI Documentation Tool

Our group has been underwhelmed with the VI documentation tools that are provided by NI, so we decided to create our own convention and do the documenation in comments using hashtags (bookmarks) and have a utility that will convert those comments into the VI description.


Here are some snippets that show how to update the descripition based on Specific bookmarks.


Comments are welcome.



Update Description.png


Here is the snipped of the subVI code:


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It looks good so far, but before you get into this further you might want to check the forum. Over the years I have seen many, many tools for doing this sort of thing posted and why reinvent the wheel?



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Attached are the VIs that we use.

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On the other hand, if you came from a text-based language, you might be thrilled that you can put graphics into your comments.  😉


I'm guessing that, just like with other commenting systems, the tools are there and you have to use them to your best advantage.  It looks like you have taken the next step and are using them to your best advantage.  🙂

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Nice tool. Have you stumbled across this one? I'm a big fan of it as well:


If you have used it in the past, I recently pushed in an update which lets you modify a set of controls that share the same name -- that is, you can change every instance of "error in" to share the same description in a single click.

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