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VI Code working properly in the Highlight Execution, otherwise it show errors


I am using delay stage DDS300/M for my experiment. The maximum travel distance of the delay stage is 300 mm, the minimum step size is 100 nm and the maximum speed is 400 mm/s. There are two codes

1. To get the maximum and minimum travel distance.

2. Compare the position with the externally given value as an input.


During the execution time, I am facing some problems

1. If the highlight execution is on then the code is working properly and I am getting the correct values for the codes, but if the highlight execution is off then the codes show some errors

       a. For the first code I have got a maximum travel distance of 110 mm instead of 300 mm.

       b. For the second code if the set value is greater than 110 mm, it is showing the error (the absolute value is out of the limit) while the highlight execution button is off. When the highlight button is on the code is running properly. For the set value less than 110mm the code is running irrespective of whether the execution button is on or off.


I have attached the pictures below.max_min_pos.pngmax_min_pos1.pngpos_comparison.pngpos_comparison1.pngpos_comparison2.pngpos_comparison3.png

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Hello amithaldar,


Move "setabsmoveposition" and "moveabsolute" command nodes outside of while loop. Only query "position info" in while loop and add a "wait timer" with 100 ms. You do not need to send command continuously.

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