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VAS2009 can but VAS2013 cannot recogize cameras

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I have connect 2 cameras to my computer.

With old VAS2009, I can see the cameras listed under imaqdx directory in NI MAX.

However, when I upgrad to VAS2013, both cameras disappeared.

I have tried 3 computers, none works with VAS2013.


Why VAS2009 is OK, but VAS2013 does not recognize my cameras?


So strange.

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Did you update the version of ImaqDX you have installed? It may be that the version you have installed doesn't support VAS2013?

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there is a list of more recent releases of the NI-IMAQ driver with their corresponding version of Measurement & Automation Explorer.

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Thanks for  Sam_Sharp's quick reply.

Your advice of update is effective. When I update VAS2013 to VAS2014, it becomes OK. The bug was repaired in new version.


But actually, the real cause of my problem was reported and the solution was given in this post.

I really appreciate the solution given by Bluecheese.

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Thanks for your information.

New version of imaq may also solve this problem.

I have found the true cause and solution of this bug.

Update VAS to 2014 and the bug will disappear.

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