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Using voice commands from normal microphone

Hallo Everyone,


I went through this forum , but did not find working solution for voice controlled labview application

I would like to send voice commands to the labview application using a normal microphone. For e.g.. "LED ON" command would turn the LED on front panel "ON" and " LED OFF" would turn it "OFF".

I am using LV 2009 and Windows XP.

I have seen the example on . However, it did not work for me. With this example, I have no idea if the LV is listening to the commands or if the command signal is too low to recognize. 

It would be of great help if anyone of you can share a simple code to create such an application.

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Which voice recognition were you using? Microsoft Agent or Dragon? The example points out that the Dragon example was written for an old version of the Dragon software and consequently would need to be updated to work with the current version, if that's what you have. Have you been able to verify that the speech recognition works outside of LabVIEW first?

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Are you familiar with the work being done here?

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I am using MS Agent. How do I check if the voice recognition is working outside labview? I have used LV speak with Windows 7 and it works perfectly fine. Looking forward to more help.

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Have you got voice recognition to work with labview for Windows 7? Can you outline the steps to do that? I tried the steps mentioned in other posts for XP and Vista. They do not work on my windows 7 machine. 

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