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Using the tutorial for vision assistance and page 3-9 is not working properly.

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What exactly is not working?
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I tried the "particle filter" and entered everything as the tutorial shows.  The image does not change from the previous script as it shows it should on figure 3-5.

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Hey Peterson,


Make sure that if you are using Vision Development Module 8.6 that you upgrade to 8.6.1


We had an issue with VDM 8.6 that did not allow the particle filter step to fucntion properly in Vision Assistant.

Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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Ok, thanks.  Also, do you know if it's possible to write a program on labview without the daq hooked up?  I've tried finding a way and have failed miserably.
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Sure, you can always just simulate a device in MAX, such as dev2. You can then use that device in your programming (it will only give a sine wave or square) but once you get your actual device on your computer, you can just migrate all of your tasks for the simulated device and call your actual device dev2 so you don't have to re-code.
Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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