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Using "" in Labview 2013, in code originally written for Labview 2006.




I'm updating code written in Labview 2006 to make it compatible with Labview 2013.  My code calls a custom TDMS file viewer vi.  This viewer calls a function called "".  This is a NI vi that has been updated since the 2006 version.  The new version includes a "help - boolean refnum" in the input cluster, so that the vi now expects a cluster of 9 elements instead of the 8 that I am sending it.  I am not sure what this "help refnum" is, how to use it, or how to add this to my input cluster in the calling function so that the error goes away.


Any suggestions?



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it is a help button. You can add a help button to your customized File Viewer. If you don't want this button, you can make it invisible. 



What requirements drive you to make your own customized File Viewer?



FYI. In LabVIEW 2013, we made changes to improve the performance of the file viewer. For the compatibility, we kept the and added a specific for this improvement. requires more than 9 elements.

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