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Using negative X and Y scale in a intensity plot

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I try to plot a measured intensity (Z) over the coordinates relative to a transmitter (X and Y scale).

The X and Y scale range from -5 to 5 and I feed a 11x11 array into the intensity graph. I then scale the plot using a property node XYZ-scale min/max/increment to scale my data, but this only scales what is shown in the graph. Is there a way to tell the intensity graph to actually show data for negative values?


Thanks for your kind help!



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I don't know the answer to the question about intensity graphs showing negative values.


I am guessing it can't because if Black =0 then values <0 would be blacker than black.


How about scaling your graph data so it's always positive?


I suggest looking into the offset and multiplier properties of the graph.

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Thanks a lot!

Offset and multiplier it is! That way the XY values can be shiftet into negative range.

Z scal was alreadyset to autoscale, so negative Z values would have extended the range.


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