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Using myRIO Analog Pins as Digital Out Pins?

Hi Community,
I was just wondering, can we use the analog pins of myRIO as digital output pins? I need 48 independent PWMs for an application and there are 40 digital pins of myRIO. I'm short of 8 digital pins. So, I was thinking that is it possible to use analog pins of myRIO as digital output pins? I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks in anticipation.


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Probably, you could...


It will all be in the details. Whatever you wire the digital output to, won't be able to tell the difference. A voltage is a voltage, in theory...


However, there are probably practical differences. My biggest concerns would be IO speed, and current. The output needs to be able to provide enough current to drive the hardware. I'd say (I'm no HW expert,) analog outputs can't supply as much current as digital outputs. You should at least check it, or the outputs will get fried.


Other solutions will be initially more difficult, but might be better from a technical PoV. Maybe I2C PWM chips would help? That would give you a lot of PWM channels.

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