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Using a DLL I've built from labview

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I've never built a DLL before so I have decided to do it today. Actually I have no problems building the DLL itself but if I want to reuse it with the Call Library Function node and I select the function then instead of seeing double Adding(double A, double B) like I've seen when I have set up the build I only see void Adding(void );


I guess this must be something trivial but I can't figure it out. What would be the way to see the parameters as well in the Call Library function node?


(no such problems when I have created a .net assembly, that one shows the parameter names as expected)



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Accepted by rolfk

You must configure Call Library Function manually and add your parameters:

Screenshot 2021-04-19 21.58.19.png

, or you can use Wizard (Tools->Import->Shared Library (.dll)), then parameters will be obtained from the header:

2021-04-19 22.01.58 -  Import Shared Library.jpg

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Thanks mate, this is what I was looking for.

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