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Using Simulink model as a control.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am now using labview 8.6, USB 6216, SIT 6.0. to do my final year project. The project needs data collection from my USB 6216 and generate analog output by appropriate control. The control is created by Simulink model. Now I want to embed my simulink model into  labview as a core control to connect both in and output in labview. But I didn't find any mapping provided by SIT allow me to map the data from DAQmx to the model. How can I map the data I got to the model?

Thank you!!

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Let me clarify my problem. The problem I am having right now is how to transfer data to simulink model? I don't have RT target. I run the VI and the simulink model in the same PC. I can map a control icon to the input of my simulink model. But I want to map the data I got from DAQMX to the simulink model instead. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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Hi Umac,


Have you looked at the SIT How-To here:


You should find mapping I/O in the SIT Connection Manager by going to Tools»SIT Connection Manager 

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Hi Smootastic! I have found the solution. Thank you very much!!
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