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Using Simulink data in labview

Hello everyone !

I have made an algorithm in labview and the simulink model data needs to be manipulated in this algorithm. The output of this algorithm is to be fed back in simulink model. I am able to map labview front panel controls with simulink model but i cannot use its data in block diagram window. How do i do it ?

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Here you have three options:

1. Create a DLL from your model and use the Model Interface Toolkit ( to load the model into LabVIEW;

2. Convert your model into a LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation ( SubSystem and use the Control and Simulation Loop to run the model;

3. Use some sort of communication between LabVIEW and Simulink (like OPC server) to communicate between simulations. This last option, although possible, it requires some sort of synchronization between products to avoid the loop to run too fast.


Hopefully this helps,

Barp - Control, Simulation, RTT and HIL - National Instruments
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Greetings sir,

I have tried these two options.

I tried making DLL of my model but it is not creating DLL.

I also tried simulation model converter but, SimPowerSystem blocks like transformers/resistors etc are converted into blocks having no input or output port.

If i try to convert my model, then each component of my model is converted into a VI, a single model is not created. 


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