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Using RTSI on the PCI-7811R FPGA

I have created a FPGA vi that outputs a certain signal that I want to go out a DIO and the RTSI.  It goes out the DIO ok.  But there seems to be nothing going out the RTSI line.  I've added the RTSI resourse to the project, and all I do in the FPGA VI is configure the RTSI as Write, and then simply run a boolean value into it, just like I do with the DIO.

What are the exact steps I need to take to configure the RTSI trigger to be outputed?  Do I need to go through Measurement and Automation explorer and configure the RTSI cable somehow?  I saw something about this in the Help, but was a little unsure exactly what to do. 

Thanks for your help,
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Hi Zbsbdjhd,

You have to first define the RTSI line as an input or output depending on what you are trying to do. If you want to output a signal or value, set it to output using the Set Output Enable Method. You can then use an I/O node to write data to the line.

Out of curiosity, what card are you using?
Eli S.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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