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Using Notifiers with Case Statements



I have two while loops. The top while loop using an event structure will run when a button is pressed. This will send a notifier to the 2nd while loop which holds a case statement(state machine) to run multiple states. I am seting up the 2nd loop with the case statement using a shift register to allow running whatever state needs to run. I wanted to pass an Enum constant from the Top loop to the 2nd loop and have the Case statement run that case to start the process. I dont see how to have the case structure see the notification or how to break into the shift register that feeds the case structue of the 2nd loop. I dont really have code to post on this. I have been looking at examples but have not found anything like this.



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This is sounding a lot like the Queued Message Handler.  You might want to look into that example.

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To have thought it out on your own is pretty cool, though.

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