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Using NI-scope export signal (start trigger) problems.


Hello there

I am using NI-scope export signal (start trigger) to generate a synchronization signal to Aux PFI0 terminal.

When using this vi, I find a problem.

As to the introduction of this NI-scope export 


In my situation, I choose “start trigger” which means that "Start Trigger (2)—Generate a pulse at the start of the acquisition".

As far as my understanding, this vi will generate a signal at the start of the acquisition.

And as the acquisition of this ni-scope card is triggered by external signals, this start trigger signal will be synchronized with this external signal.

However, I tested this using a DSO and found that the the start trigger signal is not synchronized with this external signal.

Is this normal or not???


Besides, if i choose ‘end of acquisition’ to be export to the terminal, then it is synchronized with the external trigger.

But ‘start trigger’ is not. 


This does not make any sense.


My program is in the attachment and is very simple.

Is there anything wrong??

Please help me. I will be very grateful.


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