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Using NI-Industrial Controller with LMI3D Gocator 3D camera

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Hi everybody,

I have an IC-3173 industrial controller and a Gocator-2330C 3D scanner camera. The company of the Gocator provides a SDK for the device. For usage I have to load the .DLL-s into LABVIEW to access the functions of the GOCATOR. However I never used Industrial Controller before and do I have to recompile my .DLL-s to Linux if I want to process my DATAs on FPGA?

Sorry, not so expert in that field.

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unfortunately there's no way to convert a DLL to a Linux shared library. At the absolute minimum the library needs to be recompiled for the correct target, but most likely the library also calls into operating system functions, and those functions are not the same across different operating systems. The manufacturer would need to provide a Linux version of their library in order for you to be able to use it.

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