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Using MS Word Doc Labview over writes bookmark. How do you write to MS Bookmark without replacing bookmark?

I have a write that finds bookmarks in a MS Word Doc and adds test results to word doc.  It is replacing the bookmark with text.  Any suggestions?


Thanks,  Greg

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Can you post your VI so we can see how you are doing it now?
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The Reset Pin Feeds Write Text Vi.  This principle was developed by previous employees who no longer work here. It is based on 6 or more programs.  I added the bookmark to the ATP doc.  I understand it might be an issue with MS Word Doc not the Vis.

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Aside from the rest of the application, at any point are you using the Automation Open VI?


I could make your subVI work by itself by placing an Automation Open and also wiring the GoTo reference to the last property node in your VI.



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I realized I may have misread the forum post.  Are you having trouble writing to the bookmark or is the VI overwriting the bookmark so that it's unusable?
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 The problem turned out to be a buried "Copy File" Command. Earlier in the code, it copied the Word File from location x to Pre_ATP.doc.  The Source file was wrong so the bookmark was never there to begin with. What I observed was after the copy command.  Thus the book mark looked like it was over written when it was not even there.  I keep adding the bookmark to the PRE_ATP.doc which was copied over by the copy comannd.





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