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Using MS Visio ActiveX Model does not have any examples and does not work

Hi I am trying to get the active X remote interfaces for Visio to work from Labview similar to that of the excel examples provided with labview.  I cannot seem to get the references to even open for a visio drawing control without errors.  Does anybody have a simple program to get me started with Visio programmatically from labview?

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 Hi id,


Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to do with Visio in LabVIEW, and the functionality you want to have in your code. Also it might be helpful to post a screenshot of your code, so it is easier to understand the difficulties you are having.



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The labview application bombs out and gives this error message to close the app.  I am simply trying to read in a visio drawing object for postprocessing in labview.  I cant even open the visio drawing itself.  I am using Labview 32 bit and my Visio version is MS Visio Standard 32 bit 2013.  Any help on how to connect to a file and grab object info is appreciated.  I have attached the fundamental code causing the error.

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You need to use the proper ActiveX properties and methods. Her is a simple example. The following link is the place to look for the Visio Object Model. I used the Microsoft Visio 14.0 Type Library Version 4.e.

Open Visio File.png



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