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Using Labview 4156C drivers, I Can't program the results variable in the List Window


On the 4156C I Can't program the results variable  in the List WIndow using Labview.  The default is "I1" but need to change it to other results like "V2", "I2", etc.  Without being able to change it I get "NAN"  for the results.  If I manually change the variable it, ouputs the correct results.  I am making numerous measurements in my program so I need to be able to change the list variable.

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Hello joer1,


I have a couple questions for you that will help clarify my understanding of the situation and allow me to better assist you:


  1. Are you using the plug and play (project-style) LabVIEW drivers for Agilent’s 4156c? Or are you using the DLL with wrapper drivers? If you are using the plug and play drivers, are you using one of the pre-packaged VIs?
  2. Would you please clarify what the results variable is that you refer to? Is the input channel that you would like to read data from? Are you trying to programmatically set this on the LabVIEW front panel?
  3. When you say you are manually changing the variable, are you physically pressing a button on the device or are you manually setting the variable in software?

Thanks for additional information!

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Hi Earl,


I ended up calling Agilent/KeySight applications and they were able coach me in how to fix it.


I had to add an additional SCIPI command to one of the VI's in the 4156 Library. 


The issue is that the 4155/56 requires that you declare the variable in a particular window.  That is the Display/List Window.


 The command I added is as follows:  %.;:PAGE:DISP:LIST  '%s';


So I inserted another Format to String VI with the above string in format string and the variable to be used as input 1.


Hope this is of some help to the next 4156C user.





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Hello Joe,


I’m glad you were able to get your 4156C working!

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