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Using Ethernet/IP to connect to Keyence NU-EP1 adapter



I am trying to use labview to read the output values of some Keyence sensors that are linked to a Keyence NU-EP1 adapter.  I am using NI Industrial Communications fir Ethernet/IP.  I can sucessfully see the values for the basic Classes such as identity, TCP/IP and ethernet link.  I can not get it to read the actual value of the measurement from the sensor, though.  I am assuming that I need to use implicit messaging with Labview being the receiver(Scanner.)


Can this be done?


Thanks or any replies

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Hi Todd1313,


What data type are the measurements stored as?


Have you tired the LabVIEW example located at: LabVIEW Help>>Find Examples>>Hardware Input and Output>>NI-Industrial Communications>>Ethernet/IP>>EtherNetIP Adapter.lvproj.


I would recommend using the example VIs as s starting point.


Also, please post this on the Industrial Communications forum:



Kyle S. 
Applications Engineer 
National Instruments 

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Thanks for the reply.


I was given the wrong model of the adaptor from the engineer in charge of the project and was using the wrong "class" in the attempt to communicate.  After changing to the correct class I was able to get the numbers to come through.


Thanks again!

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