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User choice in temperature or voltage from thermocouple



Using LabVIEW 2013, I'm trying to get DaqMX set up so that a user can select from the 16 channels of a NI 9214 and view the output in either voltage or temperature.  Using DaqMX Assist, I can create an instrument with 16 voltage channels or 16 temperature channels, but get an error if I try to assign both voltage and temperature to a channel.


I tried assigning both voltage and temperature, and having the LabVIEW code only select one of them based on whether the user enters "From Custom" (voltage) or any of the others like deg C or deg F (temperature).  It fails to output a valid task though.  I then tried making two of them, one with 16 voltage channels and one with 16 temperature channels, cascading them, and having it skip writing to the task via a Case structure depending on whether the Units value is "From Custom" or not.


The closest example I could find to my problem was at but it seems that in that version, temperature and voltage could be added simultaneously without error.  Please let me know if anyone has a solution.  Thanks!

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Just read voltage and display it.  Scale the same output with Convert Thermocouple and display that too.  Poof, both value.

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