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Use of USBTMC on PC without LabView Installed

We are developing a device with USBTMC to be compatible with LabView.  Is it possible for a user that has a PC without LabView installed to use our product if we supply them with an .exe application file?  I know that the NI documentation states that the NI-VISA must be installed, if a .exe is properly prepared, will it install the NI-VISA or a suitable environment for the USBTMC device to work?
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Hello Mark,
You would need to install LabVIEW Runtime Engine and NI-VISA on the deployment machine. The LabVIEW executable will not include these components. I would suggest that you create an Installer using LabVIEW Application Builder that will package all these components together. You can refer to the LabVIEW help for more information on creating custom installer.
Chetan K
Application Engineering
National Instruments
PS: KnowledgeBase for Reference.
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Thank you.  I appreciate the help.  That is what we will need to do.
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