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Upgrading all code to Labview 2011 from Labview 2010

Hello there.

Labview 2011 is great! Better stability, silver controls pallette, improvement in RT application deployment and FPGA module are only amongst the few features of upgraded version.


I have project code written in 2010. This is real time FPGA CompactRIO based application and I am eager to upgrade to 2011 now. Please advise step by step instructions to carry out this upgrade. Thanks for the support


Kind Regards


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First, back up all of your project files and VI's to a save location.  That way if anything goes wrong or a file gets corrupted, you can go back to the working 2010 version and try again.


From there, you should only need to open up your files in 2011.  They will automatically upconvert.  Then resave them.  Pay attention to any error messages or warnings you may get.

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