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Upgrade/update instead of complete install

Do you know if simple upgrades are taken into account inside LABVIEW installers


My package include .exe (of course) + .ini files that mustn't be modified


At present, I have to give the executable by mail and ask the receiver to replace the location of the exe. it's not great


thanks in advance for your reply


Pierre FCentum TNS, Grenoble
Certified LabVIEW Associated Developer
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   Hello Pierre,


As far as I am aware this is not a native function in LabVIEW, but I have found out a third party toolkit that does it : 

BLT for LabVIEW - Studio Bods - Manage, Distribute, and Protect Your NI LabVIEW Programs

I've never used it so I cannot tell you more.


Does it answer your question?



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