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Upgrade LabVIEW to professional 2021

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I have Upgrade LabVIEW Developer Suit 2013

I want to upgrade LabVIEW software from this existing Developer suit to latest version like LabVIEW professional 2021.

Which product/MPN I need to buy and how?

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There is no LabVIEW Professional 2021 yet.  LabVIEW 2020 SP1 just came out.


Generally the new versions of LabVIEW come out around NI week, usually May.  But because of the pandemic, that schedule is probably thrown off.


Contact your NI sales representative to find out what you need to do to upgrade.  You may want to wait until LabVIEW 2021 comes out to purchase.  But if you do purchase now, you'll get a year of SSP with it which will allow you an automatic upgrade to LV 2021 when that comes out later this year.

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Actually we have Software Suite 2013 which includes LabVIEW professional.

We only want to upgrade our LabVIEW to 2020 version.

We do not have entitlement to SSP active.

Do we have to buy SSP which will give us all latest software or we can upgrade LabVIEW individually somehow.

How much will it cost? Will it cost 80% of all the software cost included in the suite or 80% of only LabVIEW cost?

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Accepted by topic author 01274556865

Contact your NI sales representative.


We are just volunteers on the forums.  We don't have that information.

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