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@coolswe wrote:

Im speaking of labview. Not interested

Then please don't post in the LabVIEW forum.

Be honest, and fail the workshop, or whatever that is.


(... and with that attitude, you are probably not a great text programmer either :D)

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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Sorry if i offended you.

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It's not that anybody is offended.  It's just us doing what you've asked for and offering advice.


I'm guessing you're not in a comp sci major, as they typically don't include LabVIEW in their curriculum.  That likely means you're in some form of engineering.


Already, you're at a point where you get to the "I don't want to learn this so I'd rather just be done with it" mentality rather than embracing a new challenge.  When you find work, odds are you're going to run into this frequently as an engineer.  It's pretty much at the core of what we do.  "I don't want to program in C.  I prefer Java."  What you're asking for is relatively easy in any language.  You're making it hard because you've got an attitude about it.  You're going to find that same attitude makes you less than happy elsewhere in your career.  You either want to find something that doesn't force you outside of your comfort zone or you want to embrace learning new things.


You have two options in this thread.

1) Pull up your big boy pants and stop having your mini tantrum about having an assignment you don't like.  Create some psuedocode and we'd be glad to help you put that together to actually solve your problem.


2) Take the easy way out and use what was already provided for you.


Either way, we'll all be fine.

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