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Updating ADC register

Hi There,


From my previous posts, you might know that I am quite regular in this forum. I have managed to solve the problems I encountered with your help. Now Im clueless about what is wrong with my code.


Basically, I am writing a certain data (16 bits long) to an ADC (AD7490) on every -ve clock pulse. But before I write which analog address to choose from, I need to write a dummy cycle to the ADC to set it up properly. this is followed by writing setup data which has the required channel to be selected. I managed to do both of it and I can read the data from the ADC.


But this is only happening once. what I mean is that after I write the particular address of the analog source at the time of SETUP, the ADC is not outputing the correct data when I write another address to it in the same manner as I wrote the initial address. I even scoped the DAQmx pins and saw that the data is written on the correct clock edge and LOAD signals.


why could this be happening? If I write the new address to the initialization case, the ADC will output data from  the new address. but I cannot update the readings from another one if I want to.


can you help me out here please.


I am uploading my code here for your info.





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