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Update from Handshake with external device TDAQ to Daqmx and NI-6534 to 6535


I am trying to update a small VI involving NI-6534 (Traditional DAQ 7.5) to NI-6535 (unfortunately TDAQ is not supported) with Daqmx 8.8.


I have been wondering how Daqmx handshaking(8255) actually works.

I know that in Traditional DAQ, there was fixed control lines for the NI-6534 (REQ, ACK ...) and you could simply configure ports as output with handshaking parameters.


However, I do not see any of these signals in the NI-6535 ( I think they are called PFI something), moreover the Daqmx Timing.VI (Handshake 8255) doesn't specify any source for REQ or ACK.


So the main reason I created this post is to ask how does Daqmx works and by the way ask how are these control lines used since I need ACK and REQ signals.

I admit that I am not sure of any statement above and please correct me if I might have misinterpreted anything.


Please find enclosed both card pinouts.


Thanks in advance


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