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[Unit Test Framework] Problem with array in result reports


I recently start to used the Unit Test Framework, and i encountered a simple problem in test result report.

The context is simple:
My VI uses a FOR loop. The output is the indexing output value of the FOR loop. So it is an array (1D).
So i've defined my test with the input values and the output array values (8 elements) . And i enable the report generation (HTML).
I ran it.

My problem is that on the test report, lists of output and expected values are truncated.
So when the test is failed, i cannot see which value(s) is(are) false.
I've joined a screenshot to show the report result.


Thanks for your help.

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I am having the same problem... I am running a unit test that compares the values of an array but the report only show '[...]' as the expected and resulting values. It seems to be now way to find out which elements of the arrays differ from what I am expecting. Looking at this history of this post it seems like it is near 4 years old with no response from NI.. Seriously?

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Once you know that the VI is malfunctioning, you can bench-test it at will, of course. I think the current behavior is correct. What do you think it should it do if the output contains an array with a million elements?

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