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Uninstall NI Software on Windows 10

I downloaded the LabView 30-day eval and installed it on my Windows 10 computer to see if it would work with my old NI PLCs. Apparently the drivers for my FP-2000 and cFP-2120 are not available for this edition. As a result, I'm trying to uninstall the software now and am getting the following error - multiple times - when I try to uninstall the software (either from Windows Settings or from the NI Package Manager - which starts automatically when I try to uninstall from Settings). I need the instructions to remove all of the NI software that was installed on my computer with this installation.


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Joe Burns

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Ouch.  The Good News is that if you really mess this up, you'll have the opportunity to have a really "clean" machine, as you'll need to wipe the C: drive, reinstall Windows, reinstall all of your other routines, and restore your data.  [That's also the Bad News].


Within the last year, I wrote a reply here describing how to do this.  There's also detailed instructions from NI that largely match my instructions.  I'll try to find them and link to them.  But whatever you do, do not remove (or otherwise mess with) NI Package Manager until everything else is done, otherwise you get to Reformat/reinstall.


I'll be back soon (I hope) with links ...


Bob Schor


Found my old post here.  There's also this NI document.

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Well, unfortunately, the image I attached to my original post is what I get when I open the NI Package Manager. I am unable to select anything from inside there as nothing comes up with this error. I think what I need at this point is a list of what updates get performed during the install. I have no problem editing the Registry (I've been doing it for years) or removing files from "Windows\System". If I can get the list of what gets installed and where then I can eliminate it all.


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You will probably find thousands of Registry entries, and removing them will almost certainly lead to a reformat of the C drive.  I'm not sure how you got to this sad state, but based on my own (sad) experience, I suspect that you are about to have a "clean machine", either sooner (if you just Byte the Bullet) or after a few hours/days of manual labor (though you may be lucky -- I was able to "undo" my Windows 7 machine, but failed and reformatted on my two Windows 10 systems).


Bob Schor

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