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Understanding of cepstrum example


I am playing with Bearing time-cepstrum from advanced signal processing toolbox.

I am tryung to replace the default synthetic signal with my own, and generate 2D plot of cepstrum vs time.

Question is- I can not find a way to explicitly mark quefrency interval in which I want cepstrum to be plotted. 

By default, in TSA I can only set the offset ( starting point) from where it should be plotted, but not the range in seconds.


Can someone give me a hint?


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Hello SParkhonyuk


   Since your request is about a missing feature that could be of general interest I've created a Lv2014 subVI that does what you need. Insert the attached subVI in your code as shown here.


Cepstrum Set Quefrency Duration.jpg


    The default duration parameter value of -1 corresponds to full duration.


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