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Understanding Vibration Analysis

First, I am very green, have taken Core 1 and Core 2 classes (Oct 2011), and have been modifying/writing small programs within my current abilities. We used to have a seasoned veteran, but he is no longer here, although my current question isn't specifically labview related. I have 2 files of data recorded in labview monitoring the analog output of a laser vibrometer. One is of a part with a loose crimp, the other is of a tight crimp and the raw waveforms are obviously very different. I am looking for a resource to help me understand what I can get out of this data, essentially on a beginner level. How do you process it to acquire frequencies, g levels, displacement, and other things I don't know about yet. A book recommendation would be fine, or should I be asking in another forum somewhere else?


Please note that I am already aware that the data recorded from the vibrometer may be suspect due to the requirements of taking that kind of data. That's all right for the moment, we will get better at this with time. I just do not have a good understanding of how to "mine" this data yet. A lot of learning to do....


Thanks for anything you can offer,


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Depending upon what failure mode(s) might exist for a "loose" crimp, there can be a number of things to look for. You might see easily-identifiable changes in the spectral content of the data (in which case you need an FFT), or it might be enough to simply track the maximum value. In any case, you will need a lot of examples to figure out what to look so you can separate the sheep from the goats.


Talk to the person who designed the widget and see if they can give any insight as to what they would expect during a failure. Also don't be surprised if (when?) you find that there are multiple features in the data that need to be balanced off one against the other.




PS: One book recommendation for any data analysis project, Tukey's, Exploratory Data Analysis - aka. "The Red Book"

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