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'Unbundle by name' changes without verification

@s.h._tech wrote:

When you add a "variable": do you add new elements to clusters?



What is a "deep copy"?

 Strg+C , Strg + V and then a zip. I had the experience that the save management of LV is still not reliable. I can only recover the project with its correct VIs when I zip it. When I dont zip it, some VIs try to link to the current (broken) project.

I often save all, then close my project, and when I open my project and close, it has changed VIs.


This could be the same issue. I agree that save all doesn't save all... Or at least it's not saved to a state that persists.


Not sure how a zip will help for that though. Nor SCC...


The only fix I found is to save all, close the project, open the project, save all.

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wiebe@CARYA wrote:

On a side node, I never use type defs since I started OO.


Type def clusters are just a way to make 'objects'. Either an object should be a class, or just a control.


Out of 3000+ VIs, I have 4 type defs, all enums.

I use typedefs where multiple functions of a class share certain datatypes on their inputs....


I also use typedefs where multiple functions of a group of VIs share datatypes on their inputs....


They may or may not be clusters.


I'd still love to have auto-updating and auto-disconnecting typedefs so that I can have the datatype adapt on my connector panes, but not throw the actual typedefs into my API....

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I will write a detailed 'improvement letter' and attach a project (disconnected from my PXI) where this situation appears. Twice a year a NI-Technican (next time mid october) stops by and looks at our experiments, answers some questions, updates and tries to sells us even better stuff. 


Maybe he can bring attention to my problem. I will also write an entry in the 'idea exchange'

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