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Unable to install the RT Watchdog on a PXI-8106 RT controller

After upgrading my NI Developper Suite from rel. 8.2 to 8.2.1 (clean install, means deinstalling the rel. 8.2 and new install of rel. 8.2.1, incl. DAQmx 8.5).
Installing the software trough MAXn the new PXI-8106 RT controller, everything is working okay except the installation of the NI Watchdog 2.1.5f0. For any reason, the module does not appears in the listing of the National Instruments Real-Time software displayed by MAX but a check of the LabVIEW installation on the PC (Windows XP SP2) confirm that all elements are available on the host. A second installation does not help and the module NI_Watchdog still not appears in the listing
What is wrong? Does the new PXI 8106 controller not support the watchdog timer function?
Thank's for all reply
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