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Unable to edit a typedef (locked library)


I've a project with a lot of typedefs which is used as a shared variable.

Most of the time (all of the time?) when i change one of those typedefs and save it, I am not able to change it again. LabVIEW reports:

"This VI cannot be changed to edit mode. This VI is locked because it defines the data type of a shared variable that is in a locked library. To determine why the library is locked, right-click the library and select "Why is this Library Locked?"

Locked Library.png


But as far as I can see, the library in the project explorer is not locked. The only solution I have found is to close the project, an re-open it (!!!).


Anyone got a suggestion to what to do?

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Hi ThetaMa,


what did you get when you follow the advice to "check why the library is locked"?


Just an idea: As the term "shared variable" is mentioned in the error message that SV maybe is already distributed (aka "active"/"in use") and you need to stop this shared variable before you can change its datatype. Stopping is (probably) done by closing the project and so unloading all its parts from memory…

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There is at least two reasons a library locks:  1) something the library owns is running, 2) the library is open in two or more application instances.


I would take GerdW's suggestion and right click on the library to get some idea which one of these it is.


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I have also seen a locked library when the library is already loaded and is trying to be loaded from elsewhere (a conflict).  Is there a library listed in your dependencies that is in conflict?

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I finally figured something out thanks to all of your suggestions.

In my project i have 2 hardwares, a cRIO 9030 and a myRIO. The cRIO is connected, but the myRIO is hardly used, and not connected to my computer. Once I made changes to the typedef the library gets the locker symbol attatced. Right-cliking the library i get this error message:


I scrolled down to the myRIO to see whats happening, but there is no locker-symbol and no warnings or error messages.

When i saved the project, the locker-symbol disappeared from the cRIO but the typedef is still locked (?!?).


My "solution" was to remove the myRIO from the project. This somehow unlocked the typedef...

Is there a way to solve this another way? I really want both of the hardwares in the project...

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