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Unable to create a real time application calling a dll (cRIO 9081)

Hi everyone,


Here is my problem:

- Following the NI tutorial (, I build the simpCalC.dll using CVI2015. I build it with realease and selected "Real time only in target settings. Also I included the .h files in exported files.

- The DLL passed the DLL checker 2015

- Under my cRIO 9081 target (Phar Lap/Labview 2015) i added a VI calling the simpCalc.dll using the "Call library function node". I set simpCalc.* for name/path.

- When i run the VI, it works, the dll is called properly.

But I now want to build a real time application, so I put the dll at c:\ni-rt\startup\simpCalc.dll using NIMAX ftp. Problem is: i get an error 7 whatever the path/name I set.


Can you please help me in that case?


Thank you

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Dublicate post


cRIO do not support CVI Real Time

best regards
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