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Unable to connect to GPIB via TCIP/IP Resource

Hello, I am installing an Ethernet to GPIB Controller from ICS model 8065. I've been following the install instructions and am stuck and need some help. I have connected the 8065 to an Agilent oscope with GPIB address 7. I have configured the Agilent Connection Expert and am able to interface with the oscope, see attachment AE_step_3.7.4.2_working_view. Now here is where I am stuck within NI Max. I created an TCIP/IP Resource and chose Manual Entry and entered in the IP address and the LAN Device Name "gpib0,7". When I click Finish it shows that there is an error with the connection, see attachment Step_3_7_5_1_part6.


If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.



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What version of NI-VISA are you using? There was a problem with third-party LAN adapters as noted at
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I just installed Labview 2012. I don't know what version the NI-VISA I'm using. How can I tell?



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I am using 5.3.1f0 MAX



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Expand the software section in MAX and you will see what is installed and the versions. To get the latest versions, just click on the Support link at the top of the page.
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It shows 5.2.


Can I download the latest version at:,n8:,ssna...




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