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Unable to activate Community Edition in manjaro



(I have cropped out computer ID)


When I click on the Activate button, it attempts to launch firefox but nothing happens later. Also even if firefox is already open, no website is being opened.

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What is "manjaro"?



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manjaro is an Arch based linux OS. See

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That's rather obscure.


I doubt you'll be able to get LabVIEW to work with an odd version of Linux.  I believe LabVIEW is only guaranteed to work with one or two of the common Linux distributions.

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Progressed a bit further while using Chromium browser.

I have redownloaded and tried it as said in the window.

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People were reporting a lot of problems recently getting LabVIEW activated on regular OS's.  It turns out that there was a flaw in the activation system that if the person's IP address wasn't IPv4, they get error dialog boxes saying "check your internet" connection.


See if this thread helps you.

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