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Unable to Read some Parameters from a Foundation Fieldbus Device


Im implementing a control system with Foundation Fieldbus to control a Valve positioner. Im trying to read various parameters from the device which is simulated. 


Its found that some parameters are not getting read and i have found that those with datatype "Record" is having difficulty and its throwing an error 

For Eg: Parameter FINAL_VALUE_RATE_DN is set to 44% and i can successfully read that value 

Attached is the image 


But the value FINAL_VALUE set to 33% is not being read and an error  is thrown with error NO: Error -2147135731 occurred at FF Read Block Object By


Attached images of NI FBUS CONFIGURATOR for reference 


Has anyone been in the same situation?

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Hello Altris,


I'm also experiencing a similar issue.

In case if you solve the issue could you please share it here?

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