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Uable to Locate Remote Channels

I am brand new to LabVIEW (zero experience). I am trying to create a VI that will acquire and save my pressure transducer signals. I am running LabVIEW on a desktop computer connected to my DAQ system via ethernet cable. My setup is as follows: the pressure transducer signals are connected to an interface, TB-2709, attached to the PXI-6123 DAQ Card that is in the PXIe-1078 chasis. The Embedded Controller  PXIe-8133, in the chasis, is connected to the desktop computer via ethernet as stated before.


If I go into the Device Manager under Remote Systems (in the tree) I can see my Embedded Controller. Under the Embedded Controller, my DAQ card is located as a Network Device. When I click on the DAQ card, I can start a new task and see all my available channels (voltage, 8 channels) to acquire signal from. I have tested getting a signal out of this method and it works. However I would like to design a VI to acquire my data and save.


When I start a blank VI and use the DAQ Assist block, I see the same GUI for selecting the channels I wish to use, but now there are no channels to choose from. Why can I not see my channels? How can use them?


I have less than 30 days to conduct my experiments and that's clearly not enough time to get intimate with LabVIEW. Please help! Thank you in advance!

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Hello jlancaster2009


I understand you can test the signals acquired using MAX but you are not able to get the same result using the DAQ assistant. This could be due to the type of task configured.


However I would like to clarify some details first. If your test worked in MAX, what did you use? Test Panels or you created a task? If you created a task, what type of task?


Could you take screenshots about your configuration in MAX and LabVIEW? I would like to understand the issue better.


I also would like to know the OS of your PXIe-8133.




Frank R.

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In MAX I used a task. I'm not sure how to answer the type of task. In the gui the appeared I selected Acquire Signal>Analog Signal>Voltage. Then I hit next and selected which channels I desired to meassure. Below is a screenshot of MAX. I think the PXIe-8133 is running Labview Real-Time 11.0.1. My desktop is running Labview 2011.


Is creating a Real-Time Project the only way to access the remote system? I'm completely lost...

MAX Config.png


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Hello jlancaster2009


The type of task you are configuring is a analog input voltage task, and it is fine. The problem is that you are trying to create a task in your host PC and the task should run in the controller (8133).


So instead of just trying to open a blank VI and add the DAQ assistant VI, you should create a blank project, add the 8133 as a target. 




Then you can create a program or task that will run in your target and you will see your PXI card.







Frank R.

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