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USRP2953 can NOT use TX1 for transmission with channel 0,1 at the same time?!!!!

Dear friends, 


Just a very simple question.  If you got usrp 2953 or 2943, could you test this for me?  

In both usrp, there are 2 motherboards, which distinguish by channel 0 or 1.   I just want to do a very simple thing, but the experiment telling me this is not working! and I got error: 

niUSRP Write Tx Data (CDB Cluster).vi<ERR>The specified session handle is invalid or does not correspond to an active session.


What I want to do is:

One USRP, use tx1 in channel 0 and tx1 in channel 1 at the same time. In other words, tx1 in channel 0 will transmit something, meanwhile tx1 in channel 1 will transmit something as well. Whatever message transmit does not matter.  Just use both tx at same time.  


In my project, I need to do this, and I got the error.  Hence, I just open 2 NI inbuilt example:  niUSRP EX PSK (another one is the same, just made a copy). All the parameters are the same, only the channel is different and carrier freq is different.  When I start the first vi, transmission started, but if I start the another one, the 1st one will got error and stop, 2nd one will start without error.  Please check the picture below.  I started the A, A will run without error. But once I start B, A will be stopped and error happen, meanwhile B will start to run without error.    Thank you for your help!  Thank you! 


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I just tried 2  "niUSRP EX PSK" to receive for rx2 at the same time for channel 0, 1.  It wont work as well!!!   This is true? I thought usrp 2953 has 2 motherboard, so they can run at the same time!  Someone please verify this with me.  Thank you so much.  

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