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USRP 2901 QPSK Transciever with Alamouti Coding

Hi to all, I am working on a project which focuses to make 2x1 MıMO system with Alamouti coding(STBC). The system contains 2 Qpsk transmitter and 1 Qpsk receiver. Where I am stuck is that I am trying to create the system on labview and I have no experience. Also, I could not find any tutorial or example which explains steps of creating a diagram of any USRP example. Should I use labview or labview communications system design suite? Is there anysuggestion for learning to create USRP examples on labview.

Thanks in advance, Furkan

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You may have better luck getting this question answered here:


That forum is specific to the USRP.


For LabVIEW vs. LabVIEW Communications, it will depend on whether you are modifying the FPGA on the USRP.  Comms will be more geared towards custom FPGA implementation while LabVIEW will be better for using the NI-USRP host API.  If you plan to use NI-USRP, there are a number of examples which are installed with the driver at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI-USRP»Examples.


Jon F.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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