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USBTMC Gaussmeter

Hey Jason,


It looks like the last thing indicated in this thread was that there might be an issue with the vendor-supplied driver. I would suggest doing a couple of things first to try and resolve your issue :


Take a look at this KnowledgeBase article : KnowledgeBase 321A2A2Y : What is USBTMC and How Can I Communicate with My USB Instrument?

This article describes how NI-VISA is designed to detect USBTMC devices when they're plugged into your system. If you plug in your USBTMC instrument and you don't get the "New Device Found..." driver wizard, then either VISA is not installed on your system, or VISA doesn't see the device as USBTMC. I would suggest installing/upgrading to the latest version of NI-VISA, which currently is version 4.5 (found here : ) . If you're unable to get the device to detect with the newest driver, it looks like you might need to get in touch with the vendor for your instrument and see if they have any updated drivers for you.

Justin E
National Instruments R&D
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