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USB and PCI device data with almost the same timebase



I posted this question already in CVI forum but maybe it is the same in LabVIEW and I can try in LabVIEW and then realize in CVI.


I have to build an application that measures two temperature signals from ni USB device and some signals from an PCI device. The acquired data should be saved into a txt file with time as first column. The The sampling rate should be 8 Samples per second.


Because of USB and PCI devices can not be synchronized I am searching the best way to have almost the same timebase. I think 8Hz is not a very high sampling rate so there must be some ways to realize it.


Maybe you can help me.




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One method which I have used is to record a synchronizing signal through both devices.  For example a pulse 200 ms wide occurring once every minute would be wide enough to be captured by at least one and often two samples from each device and far enough apart to uniquely identify which pulse is being observed.  Of course this only works if you have an available spare channel on each device.



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