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USB EyeTalkTrak PixelPusher

Has anyone tried using this frame grabber in labview? 

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Since we do not have a PixelPusher, we cannot be sure that it can work with LabVIEW. I have checked to see if there is another incident with people using one, and so far there is not. LabVIEW does however have the ability to work with DLL's in Windows, and according to Pixel Pusher website:

"Packaged with the device is a software development kit (SDK) that includes three Microsoft® Visual Studio projects to build C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET and MFC fully functional user interfaces to capture video and perform image processing on that video. These can be readily extended by the programmer. Any Windows client program that can link to a general Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) can readily access PixelPusher®."

If you already have the PixelPusher, it is worth the try to interact with it. Can you see it in Measurement & Automation Explorer?

If you are looking to get it however, we are not sure if it will work in LabVIEW.


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So through further investigation, you may be able to use the frame grabber using IMAQdx only if it is direct show compliant.

look at this site:
Migration Paths for Analog Vision Systems

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