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USB-6229 (BNC) Event counter EITHER analog pulse train OR digital events

I am new to Labview and programming in general, I have looked for example online in the example finder and in books.

I have managed to piece together code using the Trigger and the DAQ assistant. I am only able to count the number of pulses and would like to count each pulse train as one event. Additionally the code I wrote doesn't hold up well it will work when plugged into the output of the stimulator I have but doesn't work when plugged into the monitor (though this may be an error with the stimulator.


Conversing I would be equally happy (if not more so) to count the the remote into the stimulator. I have a simple lever to complete a circuit and use the digital in P0.0 with the 5V  charge and grounded with a resistor.


Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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What do you mean by counting each pulse as one event? Do you mean at a certain number of counts you would like to trigger an event?

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I assume you have signal line where the pulses come in bursts. A bunch of pulses (square wave) and than quiet (flat line), Then a bunch of pulses. Then off.


I think you will have to capture the wave form and process it to count the bursts instead of a trigger counter. You could perform an average on the wave form where the bursts would have an higher average than 0 volts and the non bursts would be 0. If the prerameter are set right the output waveform would be a square wave with the high when there was a burst and low when it was off.



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