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USB 6212

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I have a USB 6212. I want to sample the digital signal from the channels P 0.1 to P 0.3. After reading the data sheet of the USB 6212, there is no timing engine for the digital channels. But is it possible to set the sampling rate for them?


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Apparently not.  I'm kinda surprised at how few of the M-series USB MIO boards seem to support hw-timed DIO.  The desktop plugin boards that I'm more familiar with always did.


What kind of sample rate are you hoping for?  Can you sample the signals via AI channels instead?



-Kevin P

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Hello Kevin,


sorry, I must use these three digital channels to sample the signal. I have tried to using the sampling clock with the rate 1000Hz, but it returns an error code -200077.


I have read some posts from the forum, another idea is to use the counter to generate a pulse, but the two counter of 6212 have already been used.


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for the USB 6212 you have to depend on the OS for timing and read the lines repeatedly at a fairly constant rate. 

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thanks for your reply. 

This link seems to provide some solutions. I have tried the third one, but it doesn't work. Can some one help?

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Accepted by topic author TUDarmstadtLLX

Based on my quick reading of the specs for the USB-6212, none of the first 5 suggestions in that link are even possible.  The board simply doesn't (seem to) support *any* kind of hw-timed DIO, regardless of the source of the timing signal.


It's highly unlikely the 6th suggestion can help you either.  Sorry, but by all appearances, you're fully stuck.  You either need to change hardware or change requirements.



-Kevin P

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