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USB 6008 with Raspberry Pi

Simple question, Can you use standard NI USB DAQ devices such as 6008/6009 with the 2014 Home LV ver.  with VI deployed to a Raspberry Pi as simply as you can if the VI was running on a regular windows PC?





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No. But using the PC as a bridge between the Pi and the 6008 is an option.


edit: hmm, but I have found this:

It might be possible??? 🙂 Lets wait for some gurus! 🙂

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Having not done this, I say it does look possible.  It looks like the LINX toolkit does support using system exec as a way to send commands to the terminal and back, and using that, along with the code you linked to should make it possible.  Great find.

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S it looks like the answer is , it can be done. But it is not as easy as just loading the drivers and hooking up a 6008 just like in LV, and it looks like DAQ assist porbably would not work, correct?



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