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USB 4065 Electrical resistance measurement

I am using USB 4065 multi-meter to measure the electrical resistance of the my sample (2-wire). I wonder how can I change the reading rate in Instrument Studio? Right now it is about 5 data points per second, I would like to increase it to 20 points, or as close as possible.


Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi ymtabc,


Thanks for reaching out. It's actually not possible to change the reading rate in Instrument Studio with this device and configuration. The DMM's reading rate is set by the resolution you specify as detailed under DC Specifications here:


You'll see that it's set to a permanent 5 1/2 digits of resolution, which is actually reading at a rate between 25 Samples per second and 1,500 Samples per second since it's also dependent on Aperature Time, but displaying or averaging to an observable 5 Samples per second. To get more configuration, you'll have to move to the LabVIEW environment since Instrument Studio is primarily used just to make sure you instrument is working, and to grab quick data.


Hope this helps.

Keddy C.
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments
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You can adjust reading rate in InstrumentStudio 2018 SP2, but it takes a couple of steps in the configuration:

1. Change the range from "Auto" to your desired range. This enables the Digits of resolution control, which can't be changed while auto-ranging

2. Change digits of resolution to a value with a faster reading rate, OR

3. Change digits of resolution to "Custom" to adjust aperture time and other advanced settings.


DMM adjust aperture time.gif

This tutorial talks about how the reading rate is determined:

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Ok, thank you so much!


Mengtian Yin

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