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URGENT: Help Altering Existing Examples!

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To whom it may concern,


I am relatively new to labview so I am sorry if I use the wrong terminology.


Here is all of my equipment:

DAQ USBX-6341 board.

Cameras (plugged into digital p0.0 channel/port)

Force Sensor (plugged into analog channel/port 1)

Test Machine (plugged into COM5)



Currently,I am sending in a trigger to the camera to start taking photos. This trigger takes 2 miliseconds and then the labview program tells the forcesensor and testing machine to start. This creates a delay between the camera, force sensor and testing machine. THis makes it difficult to analyze data.


I want the testing machine, cameras, and force sensor to start taking pictures at the same time. I was told that the best way to do this would be to send in a square wave at my desired sampling rate (ex. 15,000) into the DAQ. This would synchronize everything so that it started capturing data at the same time once a trigger was sent in.

I think that the easiest way to do this would be to alter the existing example:


Multi-Function-Synch AI-AO-Ext Dig Trigger


The description is:


"This example demonstrates how to continuously acquire and generate data at the same time, synchronized with one another, started by an external digital start trigger. "


I am pretty sure that this is what I need.


If I altered the example : "Multi-Function-Synch AI-AO-Ext Dig Trigger",


My trigger source would be the Digital Pulse generator.                Correct?

My AI VOLTAGE would be the force sensor.                Correct?

I would replace the AO VOLTAGE with a DO VOLTAGE for my cameras. Correct?


Then I would need to add in my testing machine, which runs via:             VISA CONFIGURE SERIAL PORT.


How would I synchronize this? Would I simply put it in the same flat sequence structure or ???


Does any of this sound plausible?





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You're already being helped in your original thread. Do not create multiple posts on the same subject.


Oh, and putting "URGENT" doesn't help. We don't particularly care that it's "urgent". It may be urgent for you, but it ain't for us.

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