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URGENT HELP NEEDED: Write to measurement file controlled by my boolean

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Hi guys,

I really need help regarding my labview VI. My VI has been able to read data pretty well, however I am unable to control the writing of my data to a file using a Boolean. Please see the attached. I want to be able to send this data to a text file, to activate the data capture with a Boolean and then to stop the data capture with the same Boolean.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Accepted by topic author prosperousman

Your file writing belongs inside the loop (inside a case structure connected to the write button). Currently, the file saving can only execute once the loop has completed. Dataflow!

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Accepted by topic author prosperousman

Hi Prosperousman,

No need to add the title "urgent" to the subject line, all it does is make for a longer subject 🙂


Here you are not understanding the way that "data flow" works. Anything that relies on data from the while loop (i.e. Write to Measurement File), will not run until your while loop finishes running. So in this case, you must stop the while loop. 


In order to run "Write to Measurement File" multiple times without restarting the program, you need to put it inside the while loop. In order to turn it on and off with your boolean control, it needs to be in a case structure. However, based on your question and heavy use of dynamic data, my first recommendation is to go through some of the training on the front page. A couple hours of training at the beginning can yield 10x time savings later!

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Thanks guys! I did exactly that and it worked!


I appreciate your replies!

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